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Creating Creativity for Change

When we first started this journey, we were on a mission to help V.E.T.S. and make an impact in the hunger and homelessness problem facing America. The more we researched, the more we saw other areas of need and awesome charities that deserved attention too! Our Programs are designed to harness the power of design and clever marketing campaigns to raise awareness and funds for a range of causes.


Scroll down to learn more about how you can get involved with Choose Charities.

a Program

Our creative programming starts with a partnership between Choose Charities, a non-profit, and a brand like YOURS. Choose Charities develops world class, unique and catchy brand marketing programs for each of our partners that are tailored to generate:

              ·        Customer Interest and Participation

           ·      Initiation or Expansion of Corporate Philanthropy

           ·      Advertising Reach and Engagement

           ·      Financial Benefit for all Parties

If you're ready to grow your brand by making the world a better place, then click below to start a conversation today.


Creativity is the gateway to freedom. 

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Create a Program
Support a Program

Support a Program

Your favorite brand might be running a campaign you love! Checkout our ever-growing list of active Charitable campaigns and make a difference today.

Volunteer Opportunities
Join us in Empowering People to Choose Charities.

Calling all those with a passion for people! Are you looking for ways to jump in and make a difference in your community and beyond? Reach out and tell us about your passions.

Voluneer Opportunities
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