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What is the Choose ChariTEES Program?

TEE-ing off to End Poverty & Homelessness in America!


Introducing Choose ChariTEES, a remarkable nonprofit initiative that seamlessly merges a passion for golf with a commitment to philanthropy. This unique program offers specialty golf tees meticulously crafted for both performance and style, catering to avid golfers who want to make a meaningful impact while enjoying their favorite sport. With every purchase, a significant portion of the proceeds is channeled directly towards our Building Safe Havens Initiative and growing the Choose Charities mission of ending poverty and homelessness in America.

Choose ChariTEES not only enhances the golfing experience with its high-quality tees but also transforms each swing into a force for positive change. By aligning the love for golf with a deep-seated desire to give back, this program exemplifies how small actions on
 the tee-box can drive significant contributions beyond the fairways.

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Want to buy in bulk?
Become a Wholesale Partner

Our exclusive line of specialty golf tees not only caters to the discerning golfer but also serves as a powerful tool for corporate social responsibility. Our Wholesale Partnerships are tailormade for bulk orders made by corporate organizations looking to make a difference. Through our unique partnership program, businesses gain access to these exceptional tees at specially discounted rates, enabling them to weave philanthropy into their brand identity. With each tee purchase, a substantial portion of the proceeds is channeled towards supporting a wide array of charitable causes, amplifying the spirit of giving. This initiative goes beyond a transaction; it's an invitation for corporations to foster ongoing relationships with purpose. By become a wholesale partner with Choose ChariTEES, businesses can showcase their commitment to making a positive impact on society, both on the golf course and in the realm of meaningful change.

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