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411 Day

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Let's Change the 411 on Poverty & Homelessness
in America

Choose Charities is calling for Change across America! We are looking for volunteers on 4/11/2024 to join us in raising funds to help America's poverty stricken and homeless population to find housing and resources they need to change their lives.


This one day event allows you to support your local charities with the strength of a nationally organized campaign. Help us to collect Change for Change. Help us change the 411 on poverty & homelessness in America!


Click below to learn more and become a volunteer for your your city today! 

Volunteer & Help
Change the
411 on


  • 411 Day is a nationwide one-day event that allows individuals to donate to end poverty & homelessness in their local area! 

  • You can volunteer to raise awareness and money for a local charity of your choice, or you can simply donate to Change the 411 on Poverty & Homelessness in America!


411 Day is officially happening on 4/11/24. From 6am - 6pm PST volunteers across the country will be sharing and changing the 411 on poverty & homeless on street corners across America. You can however donate towards the cause anytime online HERE!


Anywhere, USA! Volunteers around the country are setting up donation centers in their local areas to make a difference locally and across the nation!


The statistics speak for poverty & homelessness increases across the US, Choose Charities sees a need to make people aware of why and how they can make a difference. 

Local Volunteers, National Change

Are you ready to be the change?

(844) 740-5004

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