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August 2021, according to the Watson Institute of International Public Affairs at Brown University (, the following quote is an overview of the cost of war to our US V.E.T.S. and Military Families since 2001. There are wonderful organizations out there trying to stem the tide of the struggles of our V.E.T.S. but is it enough? With each passing year, more and more of our V.E.T.S. seem to be falling through the cracks!

"Since 2001, between 1.9 and 3 million service members have served in post-9/11 war operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and over half of them have deployed more than once. Many times that number of Americans have borne the costs of war as spouses, parents, children, and friends cope with their loved ones’ absence, mourn their deaths, or greet the changed person who often returns.

Many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans face a life of disability due to the physical and psychological injuries they sustain in the war zones. Over 1.8 million veterans have some degree of officially recognized disability as a result of the wars — veterans of the current wars account for more than half of the severely disabled veteran population. Many additional veterans live with physical and emotional scars despite lack of disability status or outstanding claims."

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Our US V.E.T.S. stand on that wall every day and say..."not on my watch, you don't!" Protecting our freedoms, and because they do what they do, and have done...allows us to basically do what ever we want in this country. Never forget, "Freedom Ain't Free!" Don't you think it's about time we help serve them back?! Thanks!

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