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Good morning...Wow, the way Facebook got wounded, and crashed yesterday was crazy! As a result, I was unable to post our weekly message. Speaking of wounded, our V.E.T.S. continue to suffer, as the "wounded are far more numerous than those killed." Please read below from the Watson Institute/Brown University, August 2021...


As in every war, in Iraq and Afghanistan the wounded are far more numerous than those killed. Common combat injuries include second and third degree burns, broken bones, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, loss of sight and hearing, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and limb loss.

The true count of Americans injured or sickened in the war is exponentially larger than the figures given on the official Department of Defense (DOD) casualty website (As of Oct. 4th, 2021, Iraq - 31,994 and Afghanistan - 20,093). That official total includes only those “wounded in action.”

Not included are those suffering what are categorized as “non-hostile injuries” and other medical problems arising in theater, such as heat stroke, suicide attempts, respiratory problems, and vehicle crashes.

Other problems are not diagnosed until the injured return home. Toxic exposure from dust and burn pits and resulting respiratory, cardiac, and neurological disease represent another large segment of war zone-induced illness that has yet to be fully recognized.

Traumatic brain injury and PTSD are also major issues among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. High rates of PTSD among U.S. veterans are alarming, but new evidence also suggests that military mental health providers use PTSD diagnoses to help returning soldiers receive assistance with a variety of problems they face reintegrating into their families and communities: joblessness and drug addictions among them.

All of this makes it difficult to estimate the number of those U.S. service members injured in the wars.

WE NEED YOU! Please go to to see how you can help...thanks!

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August 2021, according to the Watson Institute of International Public Affairs at Brown University (, the following quote is an overview of the cost of war to our US V.E.T.

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You know, I wish there was a device that could take a picture of every street corner in America...then, you would start to see the big picture. You would most likely see many of the 1.9 to 3 million service members that have served in the post 9-11 wars, pandering to survive! Over 1.8 million of those veterans who've served have some degree of recognized disability as a result of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (according to

There are good organizations out there to help stem the tide of our V.E.T.S. struggles but is it enough? With each passing year, it seems more and more of our V.E.T.S. seem to be falling through the cracks! Don't you think…

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