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Welcome to Rembrand Marketing & Design

Hello! Welcome to Rembrand Marketing and Design… a small Company with some pretty big ideas!

Our foundation and philosophy is based on an age old saying I came across some 30+ years ago in a fortune cookie, given to me while having lunch with a client. It read:

“To each God gave a bag of tools, a soul to save and set of rules, so each may fashion as life has flown a stumbling block or stepping stone.”

A life altering, mind freeing perspective that truly transcends the spirituality of religion. One that I would embrace as a mantra in my life, and try to live by, and raise our children by, moving forward in life.

So, when we formed Rembrand Marketing and Design, we wanted a part of our Company to reflect the ideology and philosophy of this wonderful saying…hence, the “giving back” element of our business. After all, isn’t that a good bit of what life is about…helping those who are truly in need?

With the current upheaval and craziness we find in the world today, it certainly begs the question. What’s in your pocket…a stumbling block or stepping stone? Why, you might ask? Because stumbling blocks beget stumbling blocks, and stepping stones beget stepping stones…

So please join us! In helping build a progression of stepping stones that truly will make a difference in someone’s life…and, possibly the world.

The V.E.T.S Project, is our first “work” we have chosen to showcase. There will be more but for now, we choose to showcase what we believe to be one of the greatest needs in our society. Assisting all V.E.T.S. who have stood on that wall time and time again, and have basically said “not on my watch!” Protecting the many freedoms, we as Americans, sometimes take for granted.

So, please go to our “Works” page or “Webstore” to learn more…and become a part of the stepping stones that truly will make a difference! Thank you!

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